Anime on the Internet Today

Hi readers, here's Tassy writing for you again and this time I'd like to talk to you about the trends that exist in the internet in regards of what some call piracy and other people like to call free information exchange specifically related to anime and manga.

Well, in the last 10 years or so we have seen how the Internet has changed in a dramatic way how we get entertained  specially we otakus who like the "weird" stuff that comes from the Land of the Rising Sun, we were used to wait for anime to come to our country in TV and we knew the series before only in specialized magazines y some of us (the bravest) used to buy original VHS/DVD (pretty expensive) or from a limited number of fansubs, usually found by mail or in specialized stores, in order to enjoy the new series in their original language, impossible for most people.

Today, magazines, TV, and VHS/DVD have been left behind, an otaku from this days just needs to get in his computer, open his favorite blog or on his facebook, and with one or two clicks and searches, he can download or view online his favorite series and enjoy them from the commodity of his home, even thanks to torrents he can download entire series that are not that popular or recent, and everything without having to expend a single buck.

This, in a way is very similar whit what happened to other entertainment industries like for example the movies, or music, with websites that offered all the music that you wanted to play for free, and of course the p2p applications where users shared all of their files, nowadays this kind of sites and applications are not that popular anymore, what we are seeing is more and more web services that offer the same but for a price like iTunes from Apple, and Amazon, Rhapsody, Grooveshark, Pandora etc, with music, and Hulu or Netflix with movies and series, also a lot of official websites from the TV networks offer their shows for free legally,
 But, how can we explain the succes of this kind of websites when it is still possible to get our entertainment for free? well, it's easy!, people like to pay for things, when they are cheap, in fact this kind of business became a lot more profitable with the possibility of paying $1 for each song instead of $10 for a CD full of songs from which you only liked 1.

Anime and Manga now are accessible for free in a lot of websites and in p2p applications, but there are also some websites where you can find a lot of legal content by paying a small fee or watching some ads like Crunchyroll or in spain and also Funimation is streaming some of their licensed material for free online, I hope that someday all of this sites become more popular and globalized like it happened with other entertainment industries so all fans can get better quality anime and with the original content from Japan,

Don't you prefer to watch anime with great quality and without fear of the links been reported and always available?

Well that's all for today, Tassy says think about it and good bye.


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